Offering personalized catering services, Yemece received an investment of ₺20 million valuation

Established in 2021 with the partnership of Mustafa Ali Belek, Omer Faruk Anuk and the social networking startupCharmy, Yemece is an online platform that offers personalized food service according to the preferences of the employees of the companies.

Yemece, which received its first investment from Erdem Yurdanur, the veteran name of the entrepreneurship ecosystem at the establishment stage in 2021, entered the new year with great goals with a preliminary seed investment from Heaventures with a valuation of ₺20 million in the last days of 2022.

Established in Ankara and serving only in Ankara for now, the company aims to rapidly restructure in other cities, especially in Istanbul, with this investment.

Thousands of employees create their own menus platform currently offers personalized catering services to the employees of many companies in Ankara. Thus, the personnel can make their meal preferences for one month in advance, under the agreements of the companies they work for, and can create their own menus as they wish. It also provides the opportunity to change the personalized menus of its members until the morning of the same day.

As of November 2022, delivering more than a thousand personalized meal packages to the employees’ desks of its customers, Yemece; In the near future, it aims to make the lives of working parents easier, especially with its dinner service. It aims to meet this important need in an economical way without compromising on taste, health and quality.

250+ main dishes from world cuisine and local delicacies

In addition to the local richness of Turkish cuisine, Yemece menus offer tastes from world cuisine as well as more than 250 types of dishes. In addition, it continues to increase the number of meals regularly, especially with the menu development studies it carries out in its production processes. With its unique business model to be established in cities, Yemece will deliver hot deliveries to employees very quickly through numerous micro kitchens based on artificial intelligence supported demand planning and package branches that will provide distribution services to every 3km distance.

Yemece, whose technology and social infrastructure is provided by Charmy, and which, unlike its competitors, adapts technology to its production processes, succeeds in increasing efficiency with modernization and standardization.

Original solutions with innovative technologies for real needs

Nurettin Sendogan, one of the founders of Heaventures, who defines themselves as a startup that makes technology investments, said, “With Yemece, we have invested in a startup that produces creative and sustainable solutions with technology to real problems arising from market needs, as in all investments we have made so far. We will work together with the Founding Team of Yemece to implement a very different business model in the catering industry, which aims to transform the flexible fringe benefits and opportunities that companies place more importance on retaining their employees, into employee satisfaction with an application that offers a personalized preference experience.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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