One in 10 can in the world is from Turkey

When the pandemic was added to the increase in the use of seasonal products for healthy food, there was a rapid increase in canned food. While 400 million cans are made at home in Turkey, Turkish companies have reached a market share of 10% in the packaging business.

As awareness of healthy and seasonal food increases in Turkey, the number of canned foods made at home also increases. Zeki Saribekir, CEO of Sarten Ambalaj, which produces with a total of 20 factories, four of which are abroad, said, “We are close to 1.5 billion production of jar lids in Manisa. Not all of them are for home use, home use is about 400 million in Turkey. Fillers, tomato paste manufacturers also buy many industries. In the past, jar lids were not sold, now we started to sell them in the markets.” Zeki Saribekir emphasized that they have a significant share in the world markets for two products, “We are among the top 150 in the list of exporters. We have a very important place in the world in two products. We have a 10% share in the jar lid. The world jar lid market is approximately 25 billion units. We produce 1.5 billion in Manisa. Our Adana target is 500 million units. If we produce 500 million in Bulgaria, we can catch 10%. The tin can market in the world is about 7 billion units. We produce 11% of the aerosol cans produced in the world by producing 600 million in Silivri, 100 million in the Netherlands and 100 million in Russia. 80% of this is export.”


Saribekir, who is also the Chairman of the Bulgarian Business Council of the Foreign Economic Relations Board, stated that they opened two factories in Bulgaria and that Bulgaria will have its main base in Eastern Europe. The company, which employs 350 people in two factories in Bulgaria and exports to Romania, Greece, Serbia, Hungary, Poland, Austria and neighboring countries from neighboring countries, produces metal, food and industrial packaging in its factories here. Zeki Saribekir also stated that Bulgaria is Turkey’s gateway to the outside and said, “30 thousand trucks pass through Kapikule daily and one million trucks a year. 60% of Turkey’s exports are to Europe and Kapikule is our door. This door needs to be open. We have three doors. Hamzabeyi, Kapikule and Derekoy. These three doors are not enough, we need alternative doors and paths. In addition, we can solve the problems by establishing logistics centers.”


The 2022 turnover target of the company, which employs 3 thousand 400 people in total, is $500 million. Stating that consumption at home increased and especially packaged products were consumed during the pandemic, Saribekir said, “We closed last year with a turnover of $390 million. We expect a 20% growth on dollar basis this year. The growth rates will increase rapidly with the opening of hotels and restaurants.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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