Online service platform Armut grew by 328% in 2022

Aiming to be an easy and reliable way to reach service, Armut announced its data for 2022.

Turkiye’s leading brand in the field of online services, Armut evaluated the year 2022. Armut, which has grown its operations in the past year, added new ones to the areas it serves and has made a name for itself with the large investment it has received, closed the year 2022 with 328% revenue growth.

In 2023, the target is 14 countries, 3 brands progressed rapidly on the road to European leadership in 2022. Armut, which received an investment of €15 million by merging with its Italian rival ProntoPro, will continue its operations with 3 brands in 14 countries with the merger in 2023. After the merger, Armut and ProntoPro started to serve more than 12 million customers in over 4,000 categories. The total number of service providers of the two companies reached 1.4 million. There is a large team of 192 people from 17 different nationalities in the Istanbul and Milan offices of the new company.

One million service providers, 4 million 713 thousand service requests

In Armut, 4 million 713 thousand 46 service requests were received in the last year, and the number of newly added services to the platform increased by 50%. Among the new services opened this year, motorbike transportation between cities, hourly game sister and online couple therapy services attracted the most attention. will support its visitors in the new year with its number of service providers exceeding one million in 2022, in every area of need in every moment of life.

Service requests from England, Romania and Egypt

In the overseas markets served by the HomeRun brand, the UK came to the fore with a 97% demand growth. Among the most requested services in the UK are painting, whitewashing, carpeting and moving from home to home, respectively. While the most demanded services in Romania, a country with significant growth such as England, were house cleaning, paint whitewashing and psychologist services, respectively, home renovation, house cleaning and house-to-door moving services received the highest demand in Egypt.

Corporate services are at the forefront

The most preferred service of this year was cleaning. With Armut, 733 thousand 477 houses were cleaned this year. In addition to the popular services of such as transportation and renovation, the corporate services category drew attention with a growth of 30%. The most demanded service in the corporate services category was social media management and consultancy. Among the corporate services, the visa consultancy service grew by 493%, making it the 5th service with the highest growth rate among all services.

Recent trends are reflected in services

The demand for prefabricated houses, the popular living space of recent years, was also reflected in services. One of the services that stood out in Armut’s list of services that grew the most was prefabricated house construction with 377%. The services that showed the highest growth compared to the previous year were freight transport with an increase in demand by 1036%, and birthday venues with a growth of 852%.

Armut competed with seconds in 2022

While Armut stood out with its service variety and quality, it did not compromise on its speed. This year’s speed record was achieved with an air conditioner installation offer that came 6 seconds after the request was made. The job that completed the 4 offers in the fastest way was in the service of TV led replacement with 24 seconds. will continue to grow by improving its services in the country and abroad in 2023.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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