OPLOG opens its first warehouse in the USA in Chicago

OPLOG, which opened its first warehouse in the USA after the UK, in Chicago, aims to be the omnichannel fulfillment (e-commerce logistics) business partner of medium and large-sized companies.

OPLOG, a technology and logistics company that has been serving in the field of omnikanal fulfillment (e-commerce logistics) for 10 years, continues its global investments. With its new warehouse opened in Chicago, OPLOG aims to be the omnikanal fulfillment (e-commerce logistics) business partner of medium and large-scale companies that want to expand from Turkiye to America, or companies operating in the USA.

Continuing to expand its global logistics network

Emphasizing that with the first warehouse investment in Chicago, in the USA after the UK, they will both expand their logistics networks and support the growth of their business partners and opening up to new markets, OPLOG CEO Halit Develioglu said:

“The USA is one of the largest e-commerce markets in the world and has a strong technological infrastructure in this field. Therefore, we took the first step to offer services in new locations in the USA with our warehouse in Chicago. Thanks to our warehouse, which has an area of 10 thousand m2 and is strengthened with our own in-warehouse software, we will not only carry out the operations of our business partners, which we serve, but also support them in positioning their brands in new markets and increasing their sales. We will put our strength and capabilities at the disposal of our business partners, especially in the field of e-export, in order to eliminate the deficiencies in logistics.”

We will grow with our own technology in the USA.

Develioglu stated that medium and large-scale companies that want to open up to the USA with the new warehouse will carry out their omnikanal fulfillment (e-commerce logistics) operations. He stated that they will provide technology-based end-to-end logistics services to companies not only in fulfilling their orders in e-commerce logistics, but also in all operational processes, including the provision of all kinds of product logistics in the B2B field.

Develioglu stated that companies in the USA as well as in Turkiye and England can follow all these processes on the OPLOG-ONE platform:

“As OPLOG, we will facilitate the lives of our business partners who want to open up to new markets, remove physical obstacles and liberate them to focus on their own business, with our new fully automated warehouse and national robotic technologies that increase in-warehouse efficiency. We will continue to grow in new locations both in Europe and the USA.”

Opportunities offered to companies that do/want to do business with OPLOG in the USA

  • Technology supported omnikanal fulfillment (e-commerce logistics) service
  • End-to-end range of services
  • Overcoming the difficulties of opening up to new markets together (service quality, price and cost advantage, superiority in distribution, etc.)
  • Ability to follow all processes from the OPLOG-ONE platform
  • Sell across the USA using partner warehouses, headquartered in Chicago
  • Avoiding unforeseen costs
  • Reducing the risk of lost and damaged products
  • Seamless order, returns and cargo management based in the USA
  • Since Chicago is a port city, it is possible to import and export by sea transportation.
  • Reducing delivery times, managing operations faster and more effectively thanks to its location and technologies

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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