OPPO unveils triple-fold concept smartphone design highlighting future of foldable phones

OPPO is yet to officially launch a commercial foldable smartphone but what the company is working on seems much better and advanced than what other companies are doing in terms of foldable devices.

The Chinese smartphone brand has today unveiled a new concept phone which it has developed in collaboration with Japanese design studio Nendo. The device, which OPPO is referring to as “slide-phone”, features a triple-fold design.

OPPO unveils triple-fold concept smartphone design highlighting future of foldable phones 2

With a triple-fold design, the device can be easily fit into the palm of the hand when it is folded. Sliding up one fold offers a 1.5-inch screen, which seems good enough for checking notifications or answering phone calls, or access a music player.

Further sliding up, to unfold the phone a second time, offers a 3.15-inch display, which the company claims is good enough for taking photos and some casual gaming. When fully unfolded, the phone has a 7-inch screen with narrow bezels. However, the form factor is unusually long but could be good for multitasking, especially in landscape orientation.

OPPO is also offering a stylus, which can be tucked away into the phone’s body. There are three camera sensors on the phone’s outer shell along with an LED flash. As the company is highlighting the phone’s design, the specifications have not been revealed.

The design of this new OPPO “slide phone” concept seems quite impressive but the fact is that we won’t be able to get hands on such a device anytime soon. While the company has not confirmed this, the device is still a few years away from making its commercial debut.

As said, OPPO is yet to launch its first foldable smartphone and we expect that to happen soon. There’s a possibility that the first such device from the company could be a rollable display smartphone, which it showcased recently as OPPO X 2021 Concept Smartphone.


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