Optimizing game development processes, Handler received an investment of ₺13.5 million valuation

Alesta Investment continues its investments in early-stage technology startups with high growth potential with Handler.

Optimizing game development processes including idea, code and marketing with artificial intelligence, Handler received an investment of ₺13.5 million from Alesta.

Handler makes game development processes faster and more efficient by integrating artificial intelligence technology, which can be considered as the revolution of the last period, into every field of the game industry. Technologies developed by Handler for game development processes make many complex processes such as code generation, game design, and game difficulty balancing more efficient with less human labor. Handler’s aim is to enable “serial, high quality and fast production” of mobile games and to support this process with artificial intelligence technologies. Handler also offers the artificial intelligence technologies it has developed as an accessible service so that game companies can integrate artificial intelligence technology into their own systems.

With a vision to shape the future of the games industry, Handler allows developers and designers to push the boundaries of imagination to develop creative and innovative games. High efficiency and fast production not only provide competitive advantage to game companies, but also increase the capacity to bring the gaming experience to wider audiences.

The artificial intelligence technologies that Handler has developed so far, combine the power of adapting to the rapidly developing artificial intelligence technology with “Prompt Engineering”, optimizing the traditional game production systems of mobile game companies.

Handler founder and CEO Toyanc Sayan said in a statement about the investment;

“Many industries are already incorporating creative AI into their complex systems, such as manufacturing and data analytics. It is inevitable for the gaming industry to adapt to this technology. As Handler, we are aware that human-artificial intelligence cooperation is inevitable in development processes. We will continue to work for the spread of artificial intelligence technology and its efficient use in game development processes. We will see together that artificial intelligence technology will have more impact than expected in the game industry. As Handler, we are taking firm steps towards being the pioneer of this process.”

Handler plans to develop systems that will automate the Hybrid-Casual and Casual game development processes, in which it integrates the artificial intelligence technology it has developed with the investment, and develops games with these technologies and offers artificial intelligence technology as a service.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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