OtoKonfor received an investment of ₺8 million in the crowdfunding round

OtoKonfor, which responds to all after-sales needs of vehicle owners with a single application and was developed with 100% domestic and national capital, received an investment of ₺8 million.

Ozgun Yalin, Brand President of OtoKonfor, which received an investment of ₺8 million by reaching an investment level of 100.63% and reaching 707 investors at a valuation of ₺190 million in the share-based crowdfunding tour through Startupburada, said in his statement;

“We aim to allocate 44% of the ₺8 million investment we received to marketing and promotional activities, 22% to software development, 22% to personnel expenses and 12% to administrative expenses. On the other hand, thanks to this investment, we will activate the services we have planned much faster and we will develop and increase our service providers. We would like to thank all our investors who supported us in the crowdfunding tour we successfully realized through the Startup Burada Platform.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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