Overseas Producer Price Index increased in September

Overseas Producer Price Index rose by 0.67% on a monthly basis and by 117.04% on an annual basis in September.

Turkish Statistical Institute announced the Overseas Producer Price Index (YD-PPI) data for September.

Accordingly, in September, YD-PPI increased by 0.67% compared to the previous month, by 40.72% compared to December of the previous year, by 117.04% compared to the same month of the previous year and by 95.77% according to the twelve-month averages.

Manufacturing from the two main sectors of the industry increased by 116.95% annually

The annual changes in the two sectors of the industry were 121.80% in mining and quarrying, and 116.95% in manufacturing.

Annual changes of the main industrial groups; an increase of 128.34% in intermediate goods, 106.95% in durable consumer goods, 105.70% in non-durable consumer goods, 211.54% in energy and 105.34% in capital goods.

Monthly changes of the two sectors of the industry; an increase of 2.03% in mining and quarrying and an increase of 0.64% in manufacturing.

The monthly changes of the main industrial groups were 0.66% increase in intermediate goods, 1.27% increase in durable consumer goods, 1.71% increase in non-durable goods, 5.20% decrease in energy and 0.35% increase in capital goods.

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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