Oyak Investment doubled Turkiye’s average in remote customer acquisition

Erkan Unal, General Manager of Oyak Investment, said, “As Oyak Investment, we continue to stand by our customers by using technology effectively.”

Oyak Investment has doubled Turkiye’s average in remote customer acquisition.

According to the statement made by Oyak Investment, Oyak Investment, which has been using OCR Labs’ digital identity verification solutions since April 2022, successfully completes 9 out of 10 applications, doubling the average in Turkiye.

According to the data announced by the Banks Association of Turkiye (TBB) and the Participation Banks Association of Turkiye (TKBB), 45% of the applications made remotely to open an account are successful, while this rate exceeds 90% in Oyak Investment.

Erkan Unal, General Manager of Oyak Investment, whose evaluations are included in the statement, stated that as Oyak Investment, they continue to stand by their customers by using technology effectively, ‘Thanks to the solutions of OCR Labs, one of the leading companies in the field of digital identity verification, we can verify our users who want to open an Oyak Investment account via Practical Account mobile application without calling the branch and having them sign many documents. In addition, we are able to perform all the checks and offer a superior experience to our customers with a short meeting. In this way, while reducing the load on our alternative distribution channels, we can reduce the error rate to almost zero.’

‘Customers want companies to go digital’

Russ Cohn, Managing Director of International Operations at OCR Labs, said:

‘The world is going digital now. Consumers also want companies to digitalize and enable them to make their transactions through digital channels in the easiest way. Thanks to the digital authentication solutions we have developed, users can complete their transactions without going to the branch, and institutions can complete the identity verification processes of potential customers with an accuracy rate close to 100%. We are very happy that Oyak Investment, which plays a very important role in presenting our solutions to companies in Turkiye, has resulted in more than 90% positive results using our solutions.’

In April 2022, Oyak Investment started to cooperate with the digital identity verification company OCR Labs, allowing those who want to open an investment account to open an account and become an Oyak Investment customer without having to go to the branch and sign pages of contracts. Oyak Investment account can be opened quickly and easily with digital identity verification after the application process is completed on the website and the Practical Account application is downloaded.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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