Personality assessment systems platform PlusDISC received an investment of ₺9 million in valuation

According to the information conveyed by PlusDISC, the startup received an investment from Nazım Onur Bayindir, the founder of Idenfit.

PlusDISC, which serves as a new-generation personality assessment systems platform, announced that it has received investment. According to the information conveyed by PlusDISC, the startup received an investment from Nazim Onur Bayindir, the founder of Idenfit. According to the information we received, the PlusDISC investment was realized at a valuation of ₺9 million.

With the investment, 50% of PlusDISC’s shares passed to Nazım Onur Bayindir. PlusDisc, which entered the restructuring process with the feedback of Idenfit, also decided to expand its activities to produce tests in many areas after the investment.

The development process of the DISC Personality Inventory in Turkiye, which was first prepared by Dr. William Moulton Marston from Harvard University, is being carried out by PlusDISC in the light of the studies of Psychologist Selim Asil and Associate Professor Umit Deniz Ilhan.

PlusDISC, which was established in Sakarya Technopark, allows personality analysis to be made during recruitment or promotion and rotation processes of existing employees. Developed with the philosophy of analyzing the characteristics, competencies and personality traits that stand out in human behavior within the framework of 4 factors and consisting of 24 questions, PlusDISC focuses on gaining an idea about the behavior patterns of individuals by performing character analysis.

Thanks to the system it offers, PlusDISC, which enables the creation of the most ideal teams by conducting statistical studies specific to the enterprise and the determination of the most suitable candidate profiles for the recruitment of the enterprise, can also perform corporate, athlete and blue-collar analysis as well as individual analysis.

Source: Webrazzi / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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