Piagmo Secures ₺10 Million Investment to Boost Children’s Cognitive Development

Piagmo, a company dedicated to enhancing children’s cognitive and mental skills through Montessori pedagogy, has secured a ₺10 million investment. The funding comes from Virgosol, a leading local startup in software quality control and assurance, which is transitioning to group structuring.

Investment Details and Strategic Goals

Virgosol, renowned for its world-class services and ranked 6th on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 list with a 2000% growth rate, has made a significant move by investing in Piagmo. This pre-seed investment will enable Piagmo to develop and expand its educational technologies globally, focusing on Montessori pedagogy.

Virgosol’s Strategic Shift

With this investment, Virgosol steps into the digital game-education sector, facilitating Piagmo’s scaling and personalization of its educational technologies. This move aligns with Virgosol’s broader strategy to become a group company and penetrate global markets.

CEO’s Vision for the Future

Virgosol Founding Partner and CEO, Özgür Arzu Er, expressed enthusiasm about the investment:

“As Virgosol, we always prioritize people and pursue social benefit. In this regard, we are very pleased to invest in Piagmo, which has great potential in the digital gaming and education sector. We will not only invest in Piagmo but also accompany them on their growth journey and support them in preparing for new investment rounds.”

Er highlighted the global development of the digital game and education sector and stressed the importance of supporting Turkish companies in achieving international success. He added:

“Supporting young and talented entrepreneurs in this field is extremely important in terms of paving the way for both our country and potential entrepreneurs who want to operate in this sector. Our investment in Piagmo is of great value in this respect. As Virgosol and Piagmo, we aim to gain an important place in the global market by the end of 2024. While strengthening our collaborations with a value-oriented and trust-based approach, we will continue our investments towards becoming a group company. We plan to invest in initiatives in the fields of artificial intelligence and cyber security in the future.”

This investment marks a pivotal moment for Piagmo and Virgosol, positioning them as key players in the rapidly growing digital education sector.

Piagmo Founding Partner Utku Biçer said about the investment:

“With the support of Virgosol, Piagmo is poised to take a significant step toward becoming a global leader in education technologies. This investment enables us to bring our innovative solutions, designed to support children’s cognitive and mental development, to a broader audience. We believe every child deserves a quality education, and with Virgosol’s experience and extensive network, we aim to accelerate digital transformation in education and provide a superior learning experience for children. This collaboration is a crucial development not only for Piagmo but also for Turkiye’s technology ecosystem.”

Piagmo has garnered international support, receiving backing from the Frankfurt Accelerator and UCL Edtech Labs. Domestically, the company has been selected for programs by TİM-TEB Entrepreneurship House, Hello Tomorrow Turkiye – Meta, and Izmir NIC.

Piagmo, selected as one of the top 15 promising startups in the world’s largest education technology competition, GESAWARDS, has developed a mobile game platform called Playo, designed to enhance children’s cognitive and mental skills in line with Montessori pedagogy. In its initial months of launch in the USA, Italy, and France, Playo achieved a 30% organic growth rate. Piagmo, which generates a significant portion of its revenue from these countries, has received a special invitation from France to establish its headquarters there, thanks to this growth momentum and strategic partnerships.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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