PictorLabs received an investment of $15.2 million in the tour

PictorLabs, which carries out pathology-focused innovative studies, received an investment of $15.2 million in the tour, which also included Koc Holding.

Digital pathology startup PictorLabs has raised $15.2 million in its pre-Series A investment round. The investment round took place with the participation of M Ventures, SCC Soft Computer and Koc Holding.

Founded by Aydogan Ozcan and Yair Rivenson, the startup is creating an artificial intelligence-supported virtual tissue staining platform that promises to revolutionize histopathology. Focusing on pathology, the startup can generate unlimited virtual dyes from a single unstained tissue sample almost instantly.

The new technique can eliminate the need for traditional, chemical-based dyeing. Thus, it can shorten the time to obtain results and enable retesting of biomarkers without the need for multiple tissue samples.

Taken together, deep learning technology can potentially transform a field that has seen little change for decades by accelerating clinical decision-making, innovation and drug discovery, as well as simplifying workflows.

Yair Rivenson, CEO and co-founder of PictorLabs, said, “Traditional histological staining requires specialist training and a lot of time and resources to execute. Our virtual staining technology applies rigorously trained AI-powered algorithms designed to produce virtual stains that are indistinguishable from their chemical-based counterparts, allowing pathologists to interpret results just as they would for a chemically stained tissue sample, greatly speeding up time.”

The company has already successfully implemented the virtual staining system for several well-approved disease biomarkers and is tracking disease areas with unmet needs.

With the new investment, the venture plans to expand its biomarker portfolio, develop new products, recruit and build new infrastructure.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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