Product rental platform Kiralarsin took its place on Yapi Kredi Mobile

Local startup Kiralarsin, in collaboration with Yapi Kredi, Turkiye’s bank that removes borders, broke new ground in the sector and started offering furniture rental options to Yapi Kredi Mobile users via Evim+.

Yapi Kredi, which makes not only banking but also many non-banking services accessible under one roof by turning its mobile application into a super application, mediates the payments of Kiralarsin, which enables its users to meet their short-term goods needs, especially without the need to purchase them.

Offers budget-friendly solutions for short-term home needs

Users can choose to rent instead of purchasing devices they will need temporarily, such as an electronic mother’s lap, seat washing device, treadmill, or items they want to try before purchasing, such as VR Glasses, vertical vacuum cleaner, projector, sound system. Thanks to Kiralarsin, users can choose 1 week, 1 month and 3 month periods when renting, and can choose 80% or 100% damage assurance. In addition, users can purchase items they decide to use for a long time at second-hand value during the rental period, if they wish.

Orders can be placed from all over Turkiye

Yapi Kredi Mobile users can easily access Kiralarsin from the Evim+ platform and make their payments with a smooth experience. Users who want to benefit from the service can place an order from all over Turkiye, rent the items they want and pay instantly via Evim+ with a 10% discount. However, deliveries of users who order with Kiralarsin; The carbon emissions resulting from logistics activities are calculated and balanced with carbon credits, making it carbon neutral.

Stating that they turned Yapi Kredi Mobile into a super application, Yapi Kredi Group director Evren Sahin said;

“With Yapi Kredi Mobile, we serve our customers one step ahead as a shortcut to managing their needs in all areas of life. Our latest collaboration, Kiralarsin, which is a first, is the most up-to-date example of this. In the coming period, we will continue to offer unique services with Yapi Kredi Mobile, the ‘Application of Your Life’, which we have transformed into a super application.”

Basak Baykan, CEO of Kiralarsin and Rundle, which has expanded to England and Wales with its new brand Rundle, said;

“We brought together Yapi Kredi’s super application mission that touches every aspect of life and Kiralarsin’s experience in offering technology-oriented, budget-friendly new financial methods. As a result of the devoted work of the teams of both companies, I have full faith that this collaboration will be an example of enterprise and corporate collaboration that will be taken as an example not only in Turkiye but also globally.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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