Production of Doblo Cars to Cease in Turkiye, New Manufacturing Site Announced

In 2000, Fiat‘s first model, Doblo, produced in a single country other than Italy, began to be produced in Bursa. Turkish people loved Doblo, which was produced continuously for 23 years in TOFAŞ factories with all generations and case types. Doblo, which is used both as a commercial and family vehicle in our country, is now changing its hometown. Doblo, whom we all know as Bursa residents, will not be from Bursa as of 2024. Doblo will no longer be produced in Turkiye.

It will be produced in the factory in Algeria!

Having partnered with Stellantis in the past weeks, TOFAŞ is investing in a new factory in Algeria. In line with this investment, more affordable cars will be produced with low labor costs. In the factory planned to be established in Algeria, it is planned to produce 3 models in the first stage. The 500E is another model that Doblo and Stellantis engineers are working on.

The news shows 5 new models that TOFAŞ will produce with the acquisition of Stellantis rights in Bursa as the reason for shifting Doblo production to Algeria. In other words, TOFAŞ may have shifted Doblo production in order to open new production lines. Thus, the brand will be able to sell many light commercial vehicles at the same time with more affordable costs. As a result, the Doblo will no longer be produced in Turkiye.

Is the Algerian factory advantageous? The answer to your questions is not far away. The country was actually in a position that automotive manufacturers loved for a while. However,manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Hyundai and KIA closed their facilities in the country due to corruption lawsuits in 2016-2019. The Algerian government, on the other hand, stated that it wanted to improve relations with automobile manufacturers with the new factory in partnership with TOFAŞ and Stellantis.

The new facility to be established in Algeria will have a total capacity of 90 thousand vehicles. The facility is scheduled to be completed in August. After the opening, production will start with the 500e model at the end of the year. The factory, which plans to produce 300 thousand vehicles until 2026, will employ 2 thousand people in total.

In the first place, the electric 500e model, which Fiat has recently offered for sale in Turkiye, will be produced. Then the Doblo model will be transferred to the Algeria factory. However, it is unclear whether the production of all Doblo versions or only certain Doblo versions will slide. No explanation was forthcoming.


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