Renault Launches New Clio in Turkiye: Release Date Revealed!

Having achieved great success since its first launch, Clio has become the leader of its segment; It was introduced in Turkiye with its renewed design and equipment.

The New Renault Clio, whose production was completed in Bursa OYAK Renault Factory; It will be launched in Turkiye in September with its digital instrument cluster, sporty Esprit Alpine equipment option and impressive light signature.

New Renault Clio in Turkiye!

Renault Clio, which took its place in the market with a brand new design, will set off in Turkiye as of September. The car, which has sold more than 16 million vehicles worldwide to date, is among the best-selling cars in the world.

It won the “Car of the Year” awards both in Europe and in Turkiye. While Turkiye is the second country in the world where the most Clio models are sold, over 600 thousand Clio models have been sold.

Renault Launches New Clio in Turkiye: Release Date Revealed! 2

Produced in Bursa OYAK Renault Factories with more than 3.4 million units, the Clio model car draws attention as one of the two vehicles sold in the B-HB segment yesterday.

“The world’s best-selling French car has always been a successful model. As a result of our successful cooperation with OYAK, Turkiye is the second largest market for Clio. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the OYAK management.

The new Clio exudes a modern character with its new and expressive façade and the sportier Esprit Alpine equipment option. The leading model of its segment, Clio, produced in Bursa OYAK Renault factories, will further increase the appreciation of Turkish users with its renewed design and equipment features.

Fabrice Cambolive, CEO of Renault

New Clio Color Options

  • glacial white
  • star black
  • Mineral Gray
  • iron blue
  • Flame Red
  • Coral Orange
  • Rock Gray (opaque from afar, triple-layered with a mother-of-pearl look up close)


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