Russia boosts Turkish tomato export ceiling

Russian Agriculture Ministry raises Turkish tomato export quota by one-third

Russia on Tuesday increased the quota for tomatoes imported from Turkey from 150,000 to 200,000 tons.

“Approve the permitted volume of import of the product ‘Tomatoes fresh or chilled’ – 200,000 tons,” the Russian Agriculture Ministry said in a decree published on Russia’s official web portal of legal notices.

Since May 2018, Russia has progressively lifted the limit on the number of tomato exports from Turkey, starting at 50,000 tons, and then the last time until now, in the spring of 2019, to 150,000 tons.

In 2015, in the wake of a crisis over a downed jet, Russia limited fruit and vegetable exports from Turkey, but since 2017, the exports’ value has been climbing.

Anadolu Agency

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