Russia will not ask for guarantee certificates from Turkish trucks

While the negative effects of the war between Russia and Ukraine on the regional trade continue, the contact traffic that Turkey carries out in order to maintain its trade continuously and safely continues. Taking into account the negotiations with Turkey and the disruptions in regional trade, Russia took a step to speed up logistics transfers.

Kavkaz, Temruk and Novorossisk Ports have been made suitable for the use of ‘Truck Carnet’ with the legislation change previously approved by the Russian Ministry of Finance. In this case, Turkish trucks will be able to pass through the said ports with their own tow trucks. In addition, with the ration card application, drivers will have to deal with less documents and procedures at customs clearance. Thus, while customs procedures will be accelerated, waiting times will be reduced. In addition, the practice of issuing a guarantee document, which was supposed to be used in the Kavkaz Port of Russia before the regulation and brought an additional cost of $350 to Turkish trucks, will lose its necessity with the entry into force of the new decision. This will provide a cost advantage to the carriers.

On the other hand, it was learned that while the studies continue to overcome the problems in customs at important points of international trade, the Ministry of Commerce’s contacts regarding the opening of passenger customs at the Novorossisk Port of Russia are continuing.


In order to overcome the logistical crisis caused by the war, Turkey and Russia had once again reached an agreement on ports. At Novorossisk Port, work has been initiated to prepare the necessary infrastructure for Ro-Ro terminals, passenger customs areas and waiting areas for road vehicles, to open Sochi Port to Ro-Ro ship services and to enable small ships to use the Kavkaz Port.

Source: Sabah

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