“S-Param Guvende” service from Deputy General Manager Bora Bicer said, “We have implemented S-Param Guvende in order to facilitate the buying and selling process of our users in Second-Hand and New Shopping and to offer a safer shopping experience.” has launched the ‘S-Param Guvende’ service, which allows the safe and easy buying and selling of products in the ‘Second Hand and New Shopping’ category.

According to the company statement, thanks to the service, users will be able to buy and sell second-hand products more easily and securely. With S-Param Guvende, users who want to sell products they do not use at home or want to renew will be able to deliver their products with free shipping to users all over Turkey, while users who want to buy products will be able to benefit from many advantages from shopping in installments to easy returns, as well as keeping their payments in a secure account.

With these features, S-Param Guvende aims to combine all the services that users need in second-hand shopping at a single point. With its S-Param Guvende service, aims to provide a comfortable and trouble-free second-hand shopping opportunity in 22 different categories such as computer, mobile phone, game console, camera, clothing and accessories, musical instruments, toys, sports equipment. Users who wish will be able to continue to make face-to-face deliveries.

‘We implemented it to provide a safer shopping experience’

The S-Param Guvende service offers users an easy and reliable experience both in the sales and purchasing processes. The service, which allows users to ‘sell’ their second-hand products by delivering them to buyers all over Turkey, offers free shipping with no commission and contracted cargo.

In the service that provides secure payment convenience to the buyer, the product is purchased with a credit card and installment options of up to 12 months are offered. After the purchase, the money is not transferred to the seller immediately, but is kept in the account of the payment institution, which is the solution partner of When the buyer receives the product and approves it, the product amount is transferred to the seller. If the sent product is different from the product specified in the advertisement, the product amount is returned to him within 2 days after the buyer sends the product back to the seller free of charge with contracted cargo. For all these services, only the service fee is charged from the buyer, which is determined according to the product price.

Commenting on the statement, Deputy General Manager for Product and Experience Bora Bicer stated that the S-Param Guvende service provides benefits to users as both buyers and sellers.

‘We see it as our priority for our users to have a safe and easy experience on We also implemented the S-Param Guvende service in order to facilitate the buying and selling process of our users in the Second Hand and New Shopping category and to offer a safer shopping experience. In this way, users will be able to pay with credit cards and deliver by courier, either face-to-face or using the S-Param Guvende service, depending on their preferences. In this respect, we can say that this business model is one of the few examples in the world. With this service, our users will now be able to easily buy and sell second-hand products from all over Turkey. In the upcoming period, we will continue to facilitate the lives of our users and create benefits with the strength we derive from our technological infrastructure and innovative service understanding.’

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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