SAAT&SAAT: We will launch a strong smartwatch brand from Turkey

SAAT&SAAT Chairman of the Board Ramazan Kaya said that apart from their conventional watch brands, they have also taken steps on smartwatches and that they will create a strong brand from Turkey.

Stating that they met with manufacturers from China, Taiwan and South Korea, Kaya stated that they are also working on making production in Turkey. “We plan to announce this brand in May,” said Kaya. Stating that they closed 2021 with 120% growth on the basis of turnover, Kaya said: “Our growth target for 2022 is over 100%. Our growth target on a quantitative basis is between 10-15%. While the e-commerce index in the world rose from 8% to 15% during the pandemic period, we reached 22%. For a long time, we have been working with the aim of opening our brands to the world, starting from the nearby geography. We took the first step toward our goal of expanding abroad in Macedonia. We continue our efforts to sell online to neighboring countries as well.”

Stating that they will continue to grow abroad in neighboring countries instead of Europe, Kaya also said that they aim to reach 20 stores in neighboring countries within 5 years.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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