SAF Nutrition received a $750,000 investment over a $15 million valuation in the pre-Series A bridge round

Plant-based food, snack and sports products manufacturer SAF Nutrition received an investment of $750 thousand with a valuation of $15 million in the pre-Series A bridge investment tour, in which angel investors Belis Ustunel, Sule Zorlu, Ozge Yurur and Omer Ustunel participated.

SAF Nutrition, a producer of plant-based nutritious food, snacks and sports products, received an investment of $750 thousand from angel investors, including its current partners Belis Ustunel, Sule Zorlu and Ozge Yurur, as well as Omer Ustunel.

Defining the pre-Series A bridge investment tour with a valuation of $15 million, the startup has increased its valuation by $10 million since the seed investment round.

SAF Nutrition Co-Founder Tolga Tuncsav, who stated that they will focus on their overseas operations with the investment they have received and aim to grow in the retail vertical, stated that they are happy to include another angel investor in their success story in this investment round, in addition to their current partners.

SAF Nutrition returned with a bronze award from the Stevie Awards 2020, which is considered one of the most prestigious awards in the business world. SAF Nutrition stands out with its unique brand identity and impressive packaging designs, as well as superfoods, plant-based protein mixes, healthy snacks, ready-to-eat foods such as vegan meatballs, special products for children and athletes. SAF Nutrition sources the ingredients of its organic, gluten-free, 100% natural, no added sugar, completely herbal and additive-free products from local farmers around the world through an ethical, reliable and sustainable supply chain.

Reminding that they completed the seed investment tour with a valuation of $5 million in November 2021 and pointing out that they increased their valuation by $10 million in one year, Saf Nutrition Co-Founder Tolga Tuncsav emphasized that the right business idea, the right brand image and quality products are appreciated by the consumers.

Currently operating in the UK and Germany, SAF Nutrition meets its consumers in stores and online channels such as SPX, Supplements, Costa Coffee, Boyner, Decathlon. The brand opened its first physical store at Kanyon Shopping Center in Istanbul last July.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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