Salus Rebrands as Heltia, Aspires to Become Turkiye’s Leading Digital Health Platform

Salus, which offers a personalized preventive health platform, now continues under the name Heltia. This name change was made to better express their holistic approach to health. Heltia is a platform that offers personalized recommendations to help everyone live a healthy life. They are rapidly progressing towards becoming Turkiye’s most comprehensive digital health application with their new features and expanding range of services.

Adapting to today’s rapidly changing life and work dynamics becomes easier with personalized health management. Especially recently, “preventive health practices” have come to the fore. These practices aim to achieve healthy living and habit changes, thus ensuring that people live a longer, quality life by protecting their general health.

Although this health trend, which is on the rise worldwide, has not yet become widespread in our country, Heltia is one of the leading applications in this field. Founded in 2022 as Salus, this platform will now continue to serve more strongly and decisively under the name Heltia.

Heltia stands out with its powerful algorithm running in the background, personalized services it offers, and easy-to-use interface. It offers a comprehensive world of preventive health by focusing on its users. Providing services in the fields of mental health, nutrition and physical health, Heltia also offers services on motherhood and parenting.

“We are building a 360-degree health world around our users.”

Alperen Adikti, Heltia’s co-founder and CEO, said about their service models:

“We establish a team of consultants for our users, including experts from different fields, and we do this in a personalized digital environment. For example, a user who wakes up with shoulder pain in the morning can make an appointment by writing directly to his physiotherapist. With the triangle of mental health, nutrition and physical health, we create a 360-degree health world around our users. This may seem unattainable to many, but with Heltia it is a privilege that is very attainable. Additionally, the content we offer is very useful for individuals to support themselves. Moreover, thousands of contents on Heltia are completely free.”

Heltia uses a personalization algorithm to understand users’ needs and make appropriate directions. 90% of users continue their journey with the experts they were first paired with. Heltia also stands out as one of the best ways for employers to show the value they place on their employees and strengthens the bond between employer and employee.

The need for mental health support is increasing in corporate life

According to Heltia’s corporate user data, the most support is received in the field of mental health. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 38% of the population in Turkiye needs clinical psychology services and over 60% of the population suffers from high daily stress. After psychological support, nutritional counseling and family/parenting counseling are also in great demand. Then comes sports and physical health consultancy.

Rich content world: Heltia

Heltia offers a rich world of content specially prepared for each user with its wide and high-quality expert network. Expert-approved meditations, articles, audio and video content are available on Heltia. All this content is offered to users free of charge and is renewed according to users’ content reading/watching habits. Heltia Library includes daily suggestions, articles, meditations and guided exercises, videos, psychology exercises and tests.

Another feature that makes Heltia different is that scientific steps are taken at every stage of the platform. While the algorithm and the experience in the application are developed, everything done in the clinic is reflected in the most accurate way. Heltia has clinical leaders in the areas of mental health, nutrition and physical health, and these leaders are supported by members of the Academic Advisory Board. Additionally, Heltia is very meticulous about its consultants. Clinical leaders evaluate each application and then a rigorous interview process begins.

Heltia’s investment process

They use the $4.7 million investment they received in the seed investment round in November 2023 to accelerate their growth on both the individual and corporate side. Their biggest goal is to be Turkiye’s most comprehensive digital health application.

Founding Partner Alperen Adikti summarizes the steps they planned for this journey as follows:

“Our aim is to understand each individual’s own needs and establish a support network suitable for them. Our top priority is to prevent potential long-term health problems by helping our users develop healthy living habits. By combining this idea with corporate solutions, we aim to create a more meaningful bond between employers and employees.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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