Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro tipped to use sapphire glass and titanium

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is shaping up to be a pretty exciting Wear OS release, and now it appears it’s also going to bring some stronger materials. According to a reliable tipster, Samsung is set to deliver sapphire glass and a titanium build on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

Ice Universe says that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will ship with both sapphire glass and a titanium build, at least in some capacity. A titanium build isn’t particularly common for most smartwatches, but it would certainly make for a premium build.

Perhaps more exciting, though, is that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro may be using sapphire glass. While we’ve seen this on a handful of ultra-premium Wear OS watches in recent years, such as those from Tag Heuer. However, the last time a Wear OS watch at the general consumer level was with 2015’s Huawei Watch.

The benefit of sapphire glass is that it is essentially scratch-proof, giving smartwatches that use the material excellent durability.

The downside? This likely points to the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro being quite pricey. Where the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic carried a price of around $300, the Huawei Watch started at $350. While that’s not a huge difference on paper, it’s important to remember the nearly 7 years that have elapsed in between, and the inflation and chip shortages that have driven prices up.

In a further tweet, Ice claims the bezels on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro won’t be particularly thin. With hints of a rotating bezel and now this stronger titanium frame, this doesn’t come as a huge shock, so we’ll have to wait and see exactly what the design ends up looking like.


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