SEDEC 2024: Advancing Turkiye’s Role in Global Security

Defense, aviation and technology companies met at SEDEC 2024, Turkiye’s first and only homeland security fair.

SEDEC 2024, which is the Global Communication Partner of Anadolu Agency and will last until May 23, started in Ankara ATO Congresium.

Deputy Minister of National Defense Celal Sami Tufekci, in his speech at the opening, drew attention to the relationship between military technologies and civilian technologies and said that aircraft and jet engines were developed during the first and second world wars and soon civil aviation transportation became widespread around the world.

Stating that global companies are making major investments in technology today, Tufekci said, “This situation pushes the defense sector to closely follow the developments in the civilian world. For this reason, while the developments that took place in the military field in the past have evolved into technologies used in civilian life, today this situation has become more balanced and the developments in the civilian field have begun to be transferred to the military field. We see the best example of this in 5G, one of the communication technologies.”

Underlining that the defense industry has become Turkiye’s assurance, Tufekci said, “In order to create a modern Turkish Armed Forces, technology should be greatly utilized, and other developed countries’ armies, civilian companies, universities and research institutions should be followed regularly.

“At the same time, joint work should be carried out with friendly and allied countries.”

Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) Board Member Omer Caglar Yilmaz also pointed out that SEDEC is now a brand and said, “The success of Turkish defense is revealed to the world here. The defense industry has strategic value for geopolitically important countries such as Turkiye. Technological innovations developed by the defense industry also affect other sectors.”

“Our goal is a more independent Türkiye”

Defense and Aerospace Industry Manufacturers Association (SASAD) Secretary General Oguz Hamsioglu also stated that security and defense have become one of the most important agenda items of both Turkiye and the world.

The Turkish defense industry stands poised for significant advancement, as emphasized by Bilal Aktas, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Teknokent Defense Industry Cluster. With the localization rate soaring from 20% to an impressive 80%, Aktas attributes this success to a combination of factors including the prioritization of domestic main contractors, rigorous implementation of industrialization obligations, and government support fostering university-industry collaboration.

This remarkable trajectory over the past two decades, Aktas asserts, owes much to strategic planning, state backing, investments in indigenous technologies, and an innovation-driven growth model. Anticipating continued success through new partnerships emerging within the SEDEC framework, Aktas predicts a strengthened position for the Turkish defense industry on the global stage.

Hilal Unal, President of the SEDEC Organizing Committee, echoes the sentiment, underlining the paramount importance of security not only for national stability but also for global peace. With SEDEC facilitating the convergence of security and technology experts, Unal anticipates fruitful information exchange and collaboration.

SEDEC 2024, backed by the Presidency of Defense Industries and the Defense and Aerospace Industry Exporters Association, is poised to shape the future of the security industry, focusing on homeland security, border security, internal security systems, and defense supply chain. The event will serve as a platform for foreign original equipment manufacturers to engage in bilateral business meetings with Turkish security and defense industry players, fostering closer ties and showcasing the capabilities of Turkish companies, particularly SMEs, to international partners.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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