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Site fee prices increased by 80% in Istanbul

Site fee prices in Istanbul increased by 80% in one year and came to a head with rents. The district with the highest fees, which caused a great reaction of the citizens, is Besiktas with ₺1,674 .

The fees requested in many sites in Istanbul are astonishing. The fees, which were almost at par with the rent, revolted the flat owners. According to the research, the fees paid on the sites throughout Istanbul increased by 80%.

According to the news of Seda Tabak from Sabah newspaper, the average fee paid for apartments of 100 square meters in branded housing projects increased to ₺700 on average. For a house of the same size, this amount varies between ₺1,000 and ₺5,000 in central regions. Although the site administrations cited the minimum wage and invoice expenses paid to the personnel, the citizens have the right to object.

Experts warn that ‘must attend’ the general assemblies where the fees are determined in order not to be a victim, and that the owner of the flat, who is faced with a high increase, can create a new budget by requesting an extraordinary general assembly.


According to the data of Eva Real Estate Appraisal, Besiktas is the district where the highest subscription fee is received for residences with an average area of 100 square meters in Istanbul, with ₺1,674. After Besiktas, the highest districts are as follows:

Sisli is ₺1,255 , Sariyer is ₺900, Kadikoy is ₺770, Atasehir is ₺750.

The lowest fees are in Catalca with ₺300.

EVA Real Estate Appraisal Coordinator Serkan Bal said, “Increases in cost items have led to an increase in fees. Cost problems are high in the managements of buildings that are generally serviced from outside. Because the personnel of security, cleaning and maintenance businesses generally work for the minimum wage.


Adding that the costs imposed on the management increase when the service is outsourced, Bal said, “Measures such as reducing the cleaning services purchased from outside in order to reduce costs, replacing the high energy-consuming lighting in the common area are discussed. Different applications may also emerge after the 2022 budgets are made and the general assemblies are held.”

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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