SMEs seeking to start online trade up 50% as e-commerce sales skyrocket by 200%

While the coronavirus pandemic has forced some businesses, especially small companies, to shut their doors, many small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) have been pushed toward online platforms.

The proportion of SMEs in Turkey that wants to carry out their business on e-commerce platforms has increased by 50% in the past month compared to the average of the last six months, according to officials.

Meanwhile, sales on e-commerce sites increased by 200% in categories such as groceries, food products, fast-moving consumer goods, cleaning products, disinfectants, books, toys, small home appliances and children’s textiles.

There is also mobility in recruitment as e-commerce platforms provide new employment opportunities.

Expressing increased mobility in many SMEs that had to close their businesses due to the coronavirus, Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) e-commerce assemblymember and Ticimax E-commerce Systems Founder Cenk Çiğdemli said that the number of SMEs that want to start e-commerce has increased by 50%.

The highest demand was recorded by those businesses selling food and fast-moving consumer goods, he said, adding that there is also a movement in businesses engaged in the textile business.

“For example, those who have to close their boutiques took steps to switch the business to e-commerce. During this process, digitalized companies will be more comfortable,” he added.

Stating that the inclination of people to shop online has created new employment areas in the sector, Çiğdem stated that cargo companies along with courier companies, warehouses and site management businesses are recruiting new employees.

In line with the rapid increase in digitalization, like Ticimax E-commerce Systems, they have also received intense demand for e-commerce education from entrepreneurs who are new to the industry or want to join, Çiğdem noted.

“We continue our training on our website without disruption. We can say that the demand and participation rate of our training is three times more than normal,” he added.

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