Software developer crisis increases in Turkish companies

One out of every two software developers who quit their job in Turkiye starts working for a company abroad, with the leading software and technology companies in the country considering a raise twice a year in order to retain their employees, research has revealed.

According to the research, in which a total of 70 technology companies participated, 60 percent of the companies stated the main reason behind the software developer crisis in Turkish companies is job offers from foreign markets.

Foreign companies, who saw the spread of remote working as an opportunity, started to employ technology talents in Turkiye as they are able to offer software developers jobs with low salaries compared to their home countries but much higher than a company can offer in Turkiye, according to the research.

The rate of companies that work completely remotely last year was 6 percent, while this rate increased to 24 percent this year.

Companies provide flexibility to their employees in deciding the days to work from the office,while many companies leave this decision to their employees.

Almost half of the Turkish companies offer company shares to their employees in order to prevent the software crisis, while the employee’s performance is mostly taken into account in the stock application.

The research also reveals that some 20 percent of companies also offer profit sharing to their employees, and such premiums have started to be used more often as a means of retaining employees in an inflationary environment.

In the research, which also evaluated health insurance among the possible causes of the software developer crisis, the rate of companies providing health insurance increased to 57 percent, while the rate of companies providing private health insurance considerably increased in the last two years.


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