Some 400,000 people visit Turkey’s first indigenous car

Some 400,000 people have visited the nation’s first indigenous car named “Devrim,” which means “Revolution” in English, since March 2018 in a museum in the northwestern province of Eskişehir, where it is on display.

The 60-year-old car, which had adorned the museum’s garden in the open air for years amusing onlookers, has been on display inside a glass block for three years.

Cezmi Karasu, who has been a former factory worker for 24 years, is the expert who has helped the exhibition garden obtain a museum status.

“I did not work in the Devrim Project, unfortunately,but for years I worked with those engineers who produced it,” Karasu said.

Devrim was one of the four cars produced by some 200 Turkish engineers and workers in the Eskişehir Railway Factory in 1961 upon the order of then-president Cemal Gürsel.

Two cars were broken down, while one was demolished after a pallet truck in the factory hit it. Devrim is the only car remaining until today.

“I am proud to see the nation’s first local car. I got goosebumps,” said Semiha Polatlı, a local tourist who was proud to take a selfie with Devrim.


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