Spyke Games Secures $50 Million Investment from Moon Active, Boosting Total Investment to Over $100 Million

Spyke Games, one of Turkiye’s rising stars in the gaming industry, received a significant investment from Moon Active, a company operating in the field of game development. This investment, worth approximately $50 million, brought Spyke Games’ total investment to over $100 million and transferred 15.86% of the company’s shares to Moon Active.

This development is seen as a big step for Spyke Games. Because, with the $55 million seed investment received from Griffin Gaming Partners in January 2022, the company’s financial strength and market position were further strengthened. As part of the investment, Moon Active’s share in Spyke Games has also increased.

Spyke Games Received Investment

Spyke Games is a mobile game developer founded in Istanbul in 2021. Among the founders are names such as Rina Onur Sirinoglu (CEO), Remi Onur (COO), Barkin Basaran (CPO), Fuat Coskun (CTO) and Mithat Madra (CMO). The company gained attention by releasing popular games such as Royal Riches, Blitz Busters and Tile Busters.

Moon Active’s activity in Turkiye is not limited to Spyke Games. It has previously made important moves such as purchasing the Zen Match game developed by Good Job Games. This acquisition was another important step that consolidated Moon Active’s presence and influence in the Turkish gaming market.

In the interview with Rina Onur Sirinoglu, CEO of Spyke Games, information was given about the company’s artificial intelligence-focused work and future plans. This interview reveals the importance the company attaches to technology and innovative approaches.

It is anticipated that the investment will increase Spyke Games’ game development capacity and enable it to reach a more competitive position in the global market. Additionally, it is expected that this investment will strengthen Turkiye’s position in the gaming industry and contribute to its greater recognition in the international arena.

Source: Startupteknoloji / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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