Startup Discovery Platform Bounce Watch Secures Investment at €2.5 Million Valuation

AI-Driven Platform Aims to Revolutionize Venture Capital with Real-Time Data and Insights

Bounce Watch, a startup discovery and evaluation platform founded in November 2023 by Cem Ötkün and Sedat Yusuf Ergüneş in Amsterdam, has completed its pre-seed investment round with a valuation of €2.5 million. The investment round saw participation from angel investors such as Aylin Kosova Bilgin, Can Üzel, Deniz Güven, Dora Güçsav, Gülin Yücel, and Süha Güçsav.

Bounce Watch offers real-time data and insights to the venture capital world, providing investors globally with a new way to scout and monitor startups. The AI-powered platform enhances the scouting process, tracks startup performance, and simplifies deal flow management. With features like real-time company monitoring, personalized industry news, and automated scouting, Bounce Watch claims to help investors identify opportunities ahead of their competitors.

To date, the platform has accessed data on over 250,000 startups, 40,000 investors, and 300,000 completed investments, focusing primarily on startups in Europe, the US, and Canada. Bounce Watch aims to expand its database to 4 million startups by the end of the year. Its primary target market includes venture capital funds looking to invest in startups across Europe and emerging markets like Turkiye.

Cem Ötkün, Co-founder and CEO of Bounce Watch, shared the platform’s vision:

“Our goal is to provide a comprehensive AI platform that simplifies the startup scouting process and improves decision-making for investors. With our advanced matching algorithms and watchlist features, investors can easily discover startups that meet their investment criteria and monitor their performance. Over the next year, we plan to expand into the European, US, and Canadian markets, offering personalized reporting and analysis services to investors.”

Bounce Watch allows detailed monitoring of startups’ performance through customizable metrics such as received investments, team size and technological capabilities, employee count, website details and traffic changes, employee changes, media presence, and social media activities. The platform’s real-time updates and actionable alternative data enable investors to discover startups ahead of competitors and effectively prioritize their investments.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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