Startups that received investments on November 5-11

Let’s take a look at this week’s investment startups. Congratulations to all the startups that have received investment.


Rawsome raised ₺8.2 million investment through fundbulucu, a share-based crowdfunding platform. It started this investment with a target of ₺6.75 million. Operating under the brands Rawsome in Turkiye, Rawmygod in the European Union, United Kingdom and the USA, the venture is a subsidiary of Pachamama Gida, which is a healthy, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free snacks producer. The venture went on an investment tour with a valuation of ₺54 million. Rawsome will focus on employment and production equipment investments, which will strengthen its infrastructure, add new product categories to support the increase in exports with the investment it has received. Pachamama Gıda currently exports to 9 countries. It is a brand that has reached 32 types of products in 3 different categories, with its product range consisting of nut and fruit bars, functional nut and fruit bars, granola and muesli, and filled fruit and nut balls. You can find the details of the news here.


Lugath received a $120,000 investment in its pre-seed investment. According to the information shared, there are 5 angel investors and a VC among the investors. Lugath is an artificial intelligence supported translation platform. Lugath enables brands that aim to bring their products or services together with their consumers, especially in foreign markets, to manage their translation and localization processes through a central platform. Serving brands in many sectors, Lugath was founded in July 2021 by Orcun Ulgen and Burak Arslan in Teknopark Istanbul with the capital of TUBITAK.


Scoutli received investment over ₺7.42 million valuation. The financial details of the investment transferred by Alesta Investment were not shared. The venture, which received investment by Alesta Investment, is an initiative built on e-sports. Established by Yucel Arda Bayram, Guray Yavuz, Nazli Ozmen and Umut Berk, Scoutli offers data analytics, scouting and team management services for e-sports organizations, aiming to bring the e-sports world together. Offering player ratings and a comprehensive player database, along with analytics, Scoutli also offers tournament performance, player tracking and player performance reports. The monthly usage fee of the startup, which has 3 packages, starts from $4.90.


Reengen received an investment of $2.4 million in the Pre-Series A investment tour it participated in. The UK-based Edenbase and Switzerland-based Sangha Capital funds led the investment round. It moved its venture center, which was based in Istanbul until 2021, to London, and continued on its way globally with the Faradai brand. Faradai serves as an enterprise analytics platform for the collection, analysis, reporting of energy consumption and carbon emissions data and overall emission reduction. Currently serving more than 18 thousand facilities in 16 countries, the company also serves important brands (Shell, IKEA, Isbank, IBB, Pepsico, Vodafone, M&S, Mediamarkt, Garanti Bank, TEB, Sephora, QNB Finansbank, GAP, Odeabank, Yemek Sepeti, Aygaz, SOCAR and DHL) among its customers. Managing and reporting 55 million tons of carbon emissions in 2021, Faradai aims to double this number every year. Faradai CEO Sahin Caglayan stated that the investment they received will be used to make product developments in the road plan of the Net Zero Business Intelligence Platform, expand the pool of sustainability experts and accelerate expansion into global markets, especially in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific.


Iftrue received investment from TechOne Venture Capital, DOMiNO Ventures and Startup Wise Guys. Financial details of the investment were not disclosed. Iftrue contributes to the improvement and facilitation of project processes by providing services to software teams with the solutions it has developed. In this context, it offers its users processes and metrics based on scientific research, enabling software teams to work faster. During the test period, the startup has managed to save 50% in product development costs in teams. The company aims to reach more teams with the open beta version in the first three months of 2023. You can find the details of the news here.

Source: Girisimhaberleri / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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