SunExpress promotes ‘Safe Tourism’ in Turkey

Ministry of Culture and Tourism Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey and SunExpress will host German leader tourism agencies in İzmir and Kuşadası in order to introduce these agencies with safe vacation options and health safety measures taken in Turkey

According to the statement of SunExpress, travel professionals participating in the organization from 7 different cities of Germany, representing the tour operations such as Alltours and TUI will find the opportunity to experience the ‘Safe Tourism Certificate Programme’ started by Ministry of Culture and Tourism in the touristic facilities along with a trip to unique Aegean nature.

Ahmet Çalışkan, the Assistant CEO of SunExpress stated that SunExpess has an important position in Turkish tourism and said:

‘’We will host German tourism agencies in İzmir within the scope of this programme and we are in collaboration with Ministry of Culture and Tourism Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey and German Touristik Aktuell. Our goal is to show our measures regarding Covid-19 to our guests within the operation ‘Safe Tourism’ started by Ministry of Tourism and to stress Turkey’s sensibility regarding the issue of pandemic.

We will introduce the Turkey’s tourism capital Antalya to the agencies after İzmir, the transhipment centre in July 23-26; the goal is again to show how seriously Turkey regards the health safety in the pandemic and our precedence in other tourism countries.’’

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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