Supply Chain Wizard received $1.5 million investment from Sabanci Group

As part of its new economy-focused long-term growth strategy, Sabanci Group invested $1.5 million in the digital factory platform Supply Chain Wizard (SCW.AI) through Sabanci Ventures, Sabanci Holding’s Corporate Venture Capital Fund.

Established by Evren Ozkaya in 2014, USA-based SCW.AI provides close monitoring of production performance, workforce and operational activities with the supply chain and factory management platform it offers, digitizes all production processes and automates data collection, thereby increasing quality and performance in production. Having many global customers such as Thermofisher, Takeda, BP, Catalent, SCW.AI currently serves a total of 35 factories.

Sabanci Ventures has invested in Thread In Motion and Lumnion in the past years, and this year in, Bulutistan, Albert Health and Figopara. With this investment, the total number of ventures in Sabanci Ventures’ portfolio, which was established at the end of 2020, increased to 7 and the number of companies it invested in in 2022 to 5. The total investment amount made in 2022 reached $7 million.

About Sabanci Ventures:

Cyber security, artificial intelligence, energy technologies, financial services, internet of things, material technologies and e-mobility are the main investment areas of Sabanci Ventures.

Having a total fund size of $30 million in the first phase, Sabanci Ventures aims to make investments both at home and abroad.

It aims to become a shareholder by investing between $500,000 and $4 million for growth in startups in the post-seed and Series A stages.

Source: Girisimhaberleri / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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