Taxi drivers will be given English Language & Safe Driving Training in Istanbul

With the suggestion of the IMM, those who do not speak English will not be able to get behind the wheel in their new taxis. Training has started for new taxi drivers.

With the recommendation of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), trainings have started for the new taxis, whose conversion from minibuses has been accepted at the Transport Coordination Directorate (UKOME).

Persons who have not been sanctioned for behaviors such as beating, harassment, choosing a road or route can attend the trainings organized for those who want to work in taxis with a passenger capacity of 8-1. Drivers will be given training on communication, safe driving, city information, first aid and basic English.

In the trainings within the scope of IMM Transportation Academy, programs are organized to improve the professional and personal development of drivers.


Drivers who do not have a history of faulty behavior will be employed in the converted taxis. Persons who can apply for training; will be selected from drivers who have not been sanctioned for assault, harassment, passenger/route selection, rude behavior, and overpayment.


A 2-week training program will be organized for those who want to be drivers in taxis. Drivers will receive training on the following topics between 13-24 March:

  • Communication Training
  • Personal Development and Awareness Training
  • Istanbul City Information Education
  • Safe Driving Technique Training
  • Occupational Health and Safety Training
  • Transportation Legislation Training:
  • Emergency, Crisis Management and First Aid Training
  • Foreign language education
  • Empathy and Sign Language Education with Disadvantaged Groups.

Source: Yenicaggazetesi / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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