Taxi, public transportation prices hiked in Istanbul

Public transport prices, including taxis, have been increased by 29.10 percent, while servicing charges have been hiked by nearly 20 percent.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) announced that the municipality’s offer of a 29.10 increase in public transportation fees was accepted.

In line with the UKOME’s decisions, the flat rate for yellow taxis has been raised from 9,8 Turkish Liras ($0,52) to 12,65 liras ($0,68), while the distance fare per kilometer was hiked from 6,30 liras ($0,34) to 8,51 liras ($0,45).

Passengers will pay 40 liras ($2,14) for a short-distance trip, which cost 28 liras ($1,50) previously.

The price of a single ticket for public transport increased from 7,67 liras ($0.41) to 9,90 liras ($0,53).

The fee of a monthly pass has been raised to 777 liras ($42) for regular commuters, while this figure for the students has been set as 140 liras ($7,48).

The minimum fare for a shared taxi (dolmuş) has also been increased from 5,25 liras ($0,28) to 7 liras ($0,37) in the city,which is home to nearly 16 million people.

The longest-distance fare of metrobus, which is the most used public transportation by Istanbul residents, has been raised from 11,38 liras ($0,61) to 14,69 liras ($0,78).

The longest distance fare was determined as 21,91 liras ($1,17) for Marmaray, the rail connection between the European and Asian sides via a tunnel beneath the Bosporus.


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