Technoparks contribute to Turkiye’s high-tech production

Technoparks’ exports total $7.6B between 2001-August 2022

Turkiye has established technology development zones since 2001 to produce and commercialize technological knowledge, gather entrepreneurs,researchers, and academics, and contribute to the production of high-tech goods and services.

As of August, the number of technoparks in the country reached 94, with Istanbul taking the lion’s share with 13 parks, followed by the capital Ankara (11), the industrial province Kocaeli (five), and the Aegean Izmir province (four), according to data compiled by Anadolu Agency.

Turkiye has 8,114 companies active in technoparks and the number of staff exceeds 84,280, with around 69,880 of them in research and development.

The total sales in technoparks amounted to around $10 billion while exports reached $7.6 billion from 2001 to August 2022.

So far, the country’s technoparks have registered 1,511 patents, 439 utility models, and 321 industrial designs.


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