Techsign Revolutionizes Remote Identity Verification with New AI Technology

Introducing “Prove ID AI Agent,” Techsign eliminates the need for video calls in remote identity verification processes

Techsign, a local startup in Turkiye specializing in remote identity verification, aims to transform the industry with its new artificial intelligence-based agentless technology, “Prove ID AI Agent.” This innovative solution eliminates the requirement for video calls in identity verification processes, offering significant efficiency gains to companies adopting this technology.

Abdullah Kip, CEO of Techsign, emphasized the impact of their new technology: “According to Regulation No. 31441, video calls are mandatory in remote identity verification processes to prevent identity fraud and authenticate individuals. However, this method is cumbersome and costly. Calls typically last 2-2.5 minutes, but can extend up to 5-6 minutes if the customer fails to understand or needs to repeat instructions. This results in substantial cost and time loss for companies. Our agentless technology completes all required verifications within 1 minute, allowing companies to save on both personnel costs and time.”

Osman Aktepe, the software architect behind the technology, highlighted the risks of relying on human judgment to detect fake identity cards: “Fraudsters have become adept at using technology. The human brain perceives images as a whole, making it difficult to catch details that reveal fraud. Not only do we detect fake identity cards, but we also address the increasing risk posed by deepfake technology, which creates synthetic human images. Our modules use multiple layers of analysis to examine all details that could expose fraud. With high success rates in the international NIST scoring system, our results achieve over 99% accuracy, ensuring speed and efficiency without compromising security.”

Techsign’s “Prove ID AI Agent” promises to enhance security, reduce costs, and streamline operations for companies relying on remote identity verification, marking a significant advancement in the sector.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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