TEKNOFEST Black Sea Stars: Turkish engineers displayed national technological vehicles

11 teams from Yildiz Technical University (YTU) participated in TEKNOFEST Karadeniz 2022, which received guests from all over Turkiye, and won a total of 16 awards. The students, who acted with the Domestic and National Technology Move and produced different and unique technological tools with a team spirit, celebrated their success by coming together in the stands they set up.

YTU students, who won 16 awards with their 11 teams in 36 different fields in the TEKNOFEST competitions held in Samsun, came together at Davutpasa campus.

Within the 2022-2023 Academic Year Opening Orientation days, on 5 October, YTU Davutpasa campus organized the event “Here is TEKNOFEST Black Sea Stars” in order to share the success and excitement of its students and teams. Students who produce various technological vehicles such as rockets as well as domestic and national electric cars said that they aim to represent Turkiye in various competitions they will participate in.


Congratulating each of the students, Yildiz Technical University Rector Tamer Yilmaz said, “Thank you very much for making me feel this pride. You are doing very good work. You produce production, technology, innovation. We are the best prototype workshop in Turkiye’s best technopark. In this workshop, young people can produce their technological tools day and night. We have a student body that is more productive, brave, makes more decisions, takes responsibility and has more leadership qualities. We are the university whose students establish the most companies.”


Davut SUleymanov, who participated in the competition with Dronex teams, said, “Our aim was to produce an armed unmanned aerial vehicle. Our aim was to design an armed unmanned aerial vehicle that could work for the ground forces in fearful, especially urban warfare environments, that was easy to install and could defend our soldiers against other enemy soldiers, that could be quickly installed and included in the event with our production. Our vehicle has the capacity to carry 5 bombs. A coordinate is entered by the user. Our tool actually scans the entered coordinator to that area. After scanning the area, it autonomously bombards the drop targets it detects in that area with artificial intelligence on itself. When it sees an ally who is in need of help, that is, an injured ally, it delivers an aid kit that he carries on him.”


Stating that they participated in 2 competitions this year, Suleymanov added:

“The first one was TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan. We came fourth in this competition. We also came third in the International Free Duty UAV Competition. Thus, we have come one step closer to our goal, an armed unmanned aerial vehicle design tool. Together with my teammates, we want to gain more experience in the future, improve ourselves and make our production available to our soldiers after 5-6 years. Our main goal in this is to reduce our loss of martyrs. We wanted to design such a vehicle that it would engage in hot conflict with opposing enemy targets. And none of our soldiers should be martyred.”


Muammer Esad Isik, who is in the Alternative Energy Systems Club, said, “We came first in most of the competitions we participated in with our electric vehicles this year. We also won domestic product championships. If I talk about the parts of our vehicles, we made parts such as the door lock mechanism, brake and steering system. At the same time, we achieved first place in this category by making all electrical parts such as motor, motor driver, battery management system, vehicle control unit, telemetry system domestically.”


Stating that they won the first place in the Swarm Robots Competition, Işık said, “You have seen swarm, tiny drones based on an algorithm in swarm robots. There are small drones where light shows or marriage proposals are made. There are certain tasks such as avoiding obstacles, changing formations by lifting and lowering these drones en masse. We completed these tasks as a successful team and won the first prize. In addition, our autonomous vehicle has certain tasks such as parking, autonomous driving, avoiding obstacles. It completes the race by performing these tasks. We want to carry our success in Turkiye to the international arena by representing both our country, our university and our club abroad with the race in France that we will participate in this year.”


Talha Ozverenli, a member of the Yildiz Rocket Team, said, “We basically want to launch our own rocket, our own cube satellite into space. We have 6 projects for this. We have Demirkazik project. We manufacture our own exemplary rocket engine. We have a land project. We are producing our own rocket that will go to space. We hope to participate in the competitions this year as well. The rockets we produce are open to development as they are pioneering and original designs in the field of satellites; Since we are young and dynamic, there are open projects. We are trying to produce it professionally at a level that will compete with other companies.”


The awards and their areas are as follows:

“YTU AESK: Efficiency Challenge Electromobile Category Domestic Product First & Promotion and Dissemination Award, Efficiency Challenge Hydromobile Category Domestic Product First & Promotion and Dissemination Award & Presentation Special Award. YTU AESK Swarm UAV: Winner of Swarm Robots Competition. YTU Yildiz Rover: Winner of Agricultural Unmanned Land Vehicle Competition and Presentation Special Award. YTU SIMULAB: Winner of Machinery Manufacturing and Automotive Competition & Smart Cities and Transportation Competition. YTU ASİL LAB: Second in Machinery Manufacturing and Automotive Competition. YTU DroneX : Third Place in International Free Duty UAV Competition. YTU Biofuture: Third Prize in Biotechnology Innovation Competition. YTU Biogen Star Up: Biotechnology Innovation Contest Presentation Special Award. YTU Biomechatronics: Technology for the Benefit of Humanity Competition Presentation Special Award. YTU Maglev: Smart Transportation Competition Presentation Special Award winner.”

“Special Presentation Award at the “Technologies for the Benefit of Humanity Competition: 8-year-old Nehir Olmez, supervised by Mechatronics Engineering MA student Enes Mahmut Goker. Starloop : Hyperloop Development Competition Technology Display Award.

Source: YeniSafak / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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