Terra Invest Sets up in London and UAE to Address Demand for Clean Energy and Positive Global Impact

Terra Invest, the investment firm, has launched in the City of London and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to tackle some of the biggest investment pain points, such as addressing the demand for clean energy and creating a positive global impact.

The platform will focus on improving sectors like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and health and life sectors. Terra Invest is backed by Mount Row Partners, a group of financial and public policy veterans from a variety of sectors and several large family offices in the Asia Pacific (APAC) market. With this support, the platform plans to build and invest in companies that can demonstrate clear growth and routes to market in a wide range of sectors and industries.

The UK, wider European and UAE markets boast strong Al ecosystems that prioritise the adoption of innovative, scalable data and technology-driven solutions. By investing in these sectors across these regions, Terra capitalises on a confluence of market forces:

  • established technology hubs
  • emerging economies
  • growing demand for innovative solutions that address global challenges

These sectors hold immense potential to address global challenges but also require a holistic investment approach that can help prospective recipients navigate complex regulatory and geopolitical landscapes. Terra Invest brings together stakeholders across academia, policy, regulation, governance, and finance – embedding them as a cornerstone of its decision-making processes at the point of investment.

“Our unique approach at Terra, ensures that our investments are not only financially sound and create value for our shareholders but also have a positive impact on the world at large.” said Kirk Wagar, who serves as a founding partner at Terra Invest.

“Prior to joining Terra Invest, I served as a senior advisor to a number of companies such as Tesla, TikTok, and Binance. This experience, combined with my background in diplomacy and public policy, also makes me a firm believer in Terra lnvest’s mission to drive financial value and positive global impact.”

Looking to the future

Terra Invest is centred around a deal-based model of investment and has closed transactions of $230million as of its inception, with an ambition to scale to $2.5billion by 2025.

Founding partner at Terra Invest, Ankiti Bose, commented on the investment firm’s launch stating: “The world is rapidly changing around us and there has never been a greater need for capital structures and policy to move together in harmony it is the only way we are going to be able to solve the most complex problems that we face globally.

“Sustainable solutions to these problems require an implicit understanding that value creation can only truly be achieved when multiple stakeholders are brought together to form the fundamental basis of investing in, scaling up and building successful companies.

“Our team boasts extensive experience across finance, policy, and regulation. This allows for in-depth understanding of regulatory environments and the ability to navigate them effectively.”

Bose, who has significant experience in venture capital and previously co-founded a successful major business to business (B2B) supply chain technology company in APAC, also said: “The City of London is a natural home for Terra Invest. Here, we’re surrounded by a concentration of financial expertise, a long history of innovation, and a global network of investors.

“This ecosystem provides the perfect springboard for our mission to bridge the gap between policy and finance. Furthermore, the City of London fosters a collaborative environment where we can connect with the stakeholders crucial to our success, from policymakers to leading academic institutions.”

Source: thefintechtimes

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