Tesu Health, which develops digital medicine, received investment at a valuation of ₺70 million

Tesu Health, which developed Turkiye’s first digital medicine and operates in Cube Incubation, the incubation center of Teknopark Istanbul, received its first investment at a valuation of ₺70 million before the global investment tour.

Tesu Health, which carries out studies on methods that will change the treatment of diseases with software technologies at Teknopark Istanbul’s incubation center Cube Incubation and developed our country’s first digital medicine, received its first seed investment at a valuation of ₺70 million before the global investment tour planned to be held in 2024.

Digital medicines, a product of high software technologies, can reverse the progression of chronic diseases by eliminating their root causes and cure the patient. Thanks to digital medicines, which are based on scientific data and developed to meet the requirements of many international standards, it is possible to treat chronic diseases with non-chemical or biological treatment methods. Digital medicines can only be given to patients in need with a physician’s prescription.

TESU, which carries out studies in the field of chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity, also supports clinical research to show that the digital drugs it has developed are effective and safe.

“We will accelerate our global steps while diversifying our product range.”

Emphasizing the importance of the investment they received just before the global investment tour, Tesu Health CEO Dr. Hasan Avcu said;

“We are taking our steps on the road from Turkiye to the world together with an experienced investor who has the same vision as us and has global investments. With the investment we received, we will accelerate our global steps while diversifying our product range. For our international expansion, we started our structuring processes in Cambridge, which is considered the heart of the life sciences industry. We plan to go on a global investment tour in 2024 to reach target markets and become a major player. “Our goal is to provide digital treatments that millions of people can easily access, while also easing the burden on healthcare systems, and we are determined to achieve this.”

TESU is on its way to becoming a global digital pharmaceutical company

Tesu Health, which carries out its digital drug development processes in accordance with the medical device legislation of Turkiye, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada and the USA, will offer its products to patients and physicians first in Turkiye, England, Canada and Germany, and then in the EU countries and the USA. .

Tesu Health, which was recently selected for the Cambridge Life Sciences Market Access Programme, supported by the UK Government and the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority, will carry out its global operations based in Cambridge, England.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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