The 2023 Seismic Luxury Offers Family Adventures With a Touch of “Turkiye-Certified” Living

Let’s face it, you want something new, something that’s at the top of its game, and a mobile living space that can do a tad more than just a teardrop camper. If the above sounds like you, break out your notebook and start checking off all the little things that the 2023 Seismic Luxury Series (SLS) fifth wheel has to offer. But be warned, this thing is massive and boasts an equally appropriate starting price tag of around $144,800 (€135,800 at current exchange rates). I know that may sound frightening but bear with me for the next few minutes, as it may turn out that the SLS is worth every penny.

First off, I urge you to check the image gallery. Why? You’ll find that a picture really is worth a thousand words, and once you’ve done so, come back to this text so that I can help you understand how your life may unfurl in what you see. Now that you have a solid base on which to construct a daydream, let’s get to work.

What you just witnessed is nothing more than one of the largest fifth wheels I’ve seen this year, and with that in mind, note that the SLS can accommodate up to ten guests. Not only is that more than enough room for your extended family, but if you and nine other friends all get together and throw in $14,500, you’ll all have the power to say you own this traveling habitat.

However, it isn’t just you, your family, and your friends that will be sleeping in this RV, but your favorite little adventure vehicles, too. The three floorplans available for this lineup also include a garage and cargo area up to 15.5 feet (4.7 meters) long. That’s enough for an ATV, a couple of dirt bikes, an e-bike or two, and even wakeboards and surfboards thrown on top of it all. Actually, on top will be two couches that can transform into a bedding area spanning the entire width of the SLS.

Since we’re talking about the rear of this machine, let me point out that the large ramp door isn’t just for loading and unloading your vehicles or gear; it can be used as a massive tailgate deck, perfect for setting up a few chairs and a table, a grill, or heck, why not camp out on it. Since this is a feature commonly found in fifth wheels, Jayco went a step further and integrated another deck on the starboard side of their 4113 floorplan. You can easily set up a children’s play area or another lounge here. Can you imagine what the 4th of July would be like with one of these things?

Now, to offer a feeling of home in this potentially all-season habitat, Jayco decided to add a few touches not typically seen in such units. For example, the patio doors that lead to the lateral deck I mentioned are built of glass, real glass, and the rear doors have glass windows too. The latter doors are even removable to create a fluid transition between your living space and the natural world.

Speaking of living space, if we consider that Jayco has been around for decades, they have really amassed the knowledge of what sort of features you and I want in a habitat of this size and capability. With that in mind, let me draw your attention to the video below. In the walkthrough, Mike Aplin, Director of Product Development over at Jayco, steps inside the SLS and gives us a tour of the kitchen and other living spaces.

The 2023 Seismic Luxury Offers Family Adventures With a Touch of "Turkiye-Certified" Living 2

While we’re shown the cupboards, residential fridge, and “turkiye-certified” oven found in the kitchen, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of headroom over Mr. Aplin. It really helped me understand just how big this thing is. Heck, look at how it towers over Mike as he’s running through the exterior,storage, and systems.

The 2023 Seismic Luxury Offers Family Adventures With a Touch of "Turkiye-Certified" Living 3

As we head towards the front of the unit, we’ll leave the living room and the warmth of its fireplace and entertainment center for nothing more than a bedroom that boasts a cozy king bed for you and your significant other. While this space is mainly reserved for the large bed, I still want to point out the windshield integrated into the SLS’ nose cap. Just lay in bed and see the world, day, night, while on the road, whenever.

Finally, the feeling that you’re traveling in a trailer worthy of the title home is Jayco’s “walk-in” bathroom and shower. What’s there to say, really? It’s like heading to your landlocked restroom and simply going about your usual business. Best of all, there’s another restroom found behind the fireplace and accessible from the garage. This is a godsend for large families and those looking for privacy.

While it may sound like there isn’t anything more to tell you about the SLS, in truth, there’s so much more going on with this new lineup that a number of articles wouldn’t be enough to go through all the little knick-knacks in place, not to mention optional packages that can transform your habitat into a self-sustaining off-grid mobile home, even if only until you run out of food and water. It’ll be more than enough time to forget all the troubles of your neighborhood.

But, if there’s one thing I can point out about this fifth wheel trailer, it’s that your hard-earned cash will grant you entry into more than just a life of adventure; it’ll bring you closer to the wonders of the natural world, but most importantly, time with those you love, and that’s priceless.


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