The banking sector loan volume increased to ₺6 trillion 596 billion

The credit volume of the banking sector increased by ₺26 billion 652 million last week to ₺6 trillion 595 billion 954 million.

According to the weekly bulletin published by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA), the loan volume of the sector increased by ₺26 billion 652 million as of August 19. In the said period, the total loan volume increased from ₺6 trillion 569 billion 302 million to 6 trillion 595 billion 954 million.

Total deposits in the banking sector (including interbank) increased by ₺87 billion 771 million last week. The total deposits of the banking sector, which increased by 1.1% in the week in question, became ₺7 trillion 819 billion 486 million.

Consumer loans decreased to ₺935 billion

According to the data, the amount of consumer loans decreased by ₺1 billion 484 million as of August 19 to ₺934 billion 789 million. ₺352 billion 575 million of the said loans consisted of housing loans, ₺27 billion 209 million for vehicles and ₺555 billion 5 million for consumer loans.

In the said period, the amount of installment commercial loans decreased by ₺1 billion 387 million to ₺862 billion 976 million. Individual credit card receivables of banks decreased by 0.4% to ₺304 billion 460 million. ₺134 billion 540 million of personal credit card receivables were in installments and ₺169 billion 920 million were without installments.

Legal equity increased

According to the BRSA weekly data, NPLs in the banking sector increased by ₺305 million compared to the previous week and reached ₺162 billion 310 million as of August 19th. A special provision has been set aside for ₺133 billion 174 million of the aforementioned non-performing loans.

In the same period, legal equities of the banking system increased by ₺20 billion 580 million and reached ₺1 trillion 340 billion 858 million.

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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