The Banks Association announcement: How will banks work during full lockdown?

The Banks Association of Turkey (TBB) made an announcement regarding banking transactions within the framework of the full lockdown measures.

In the TBB announcement, in line with the decision taken by the Presidential Cabinet on April 26, 2021, and referring to the decision of the Ministry of Interior on April 29-May 17, it was stated that it is beneficial to inform the public about the decisions taken by the TBB on banking services and applications within the periods specified in the circular.

In the announcement regarding banking services and branch applications and check transactions, the following were recorded:

“It is obvious that the rules must be followed precisely in order for the measures taken to be successful. In this context, it is important for bank customers to perform their transactions using non-branch service channels during the lockdown period. Banks will continue their banking services and payment systems uninterruptedly, paying utmost attention to the protection of society, customer and employee health. Bank branches will serve between 10.00-16.00, with a reasonable number of personnel, the number of which will be determined by the bank management. Bank customers can access information on open branches in their regions through the relevant banks’ website and other communication channels.

In check transactions, since the bank branches are open during the restriction period, the customer (check holder) who comes to the bank branch will be able to make a check payment if there is money in the account, in case the customer (check holder) requests a transaction to be made as a bearer. If the provision for the check is not available in the account, action may be taken by the addressee bank in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation. On the other hand, check holders who cannot submit the check to the bank due to the curfew will be able to benefit from the provisions of Article 811 of the Turkish Commercial Code.”

Customer acquisition

In the announcement, it was stated that customers who would not be able to fulfill their obligations to banks on time due to the curfew and the closed branch of the bank to be processed in this context, it was stated that it was decided to advise the members on the extension of the performance periods provided that the customers demand and the parties agree.

In the announcement, it was also stated that it was decided to remind and advise the members that the notifications made to the TBB Risk Center according to the Force Majeure Practice of the Risk Center Circular of customers who may not be able to fulfill their actions on time.

Source: Cumhuriyet / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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