The Central Bank has published its Weekly Securities Statistics

Accordingly, non-residents abroad purchased a net total of $2,832.6 million in Government Domestic Debt Securities (DİBS), $84.7 million in equities, and $17.6 million in Corporate Debt Securities (ŞBS) during the week ending on May 10.

Thus, non-residents abroad continued their DİBS purchases for the 7th consecutive week, with last week’s DİBS purchase marking the second-largest in history and the highest purchase in the past 11 years.

The equity stock held by non-residents abroad, which was $39,534.8 million as of May 3, increased to $40,382.7 million by May 10.

During the same period, the DİBS stock held by non-residents abroad, which was $3,927.3 million, reached approximately a three-year high of $6,796 million, while the ŞBS stocks increased from $211 million to $229.6 million.

source prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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