The first meeting on minimum wage will be held tomorrow

Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, will meet with the presidents of TURK-IS and TISK tomorrow. The work schedule regarding the minimum wage increase is expected to be clarified at this meeting.

The countdown has begun for the new minimum wage, which directly concerns nearly 7 million employees and indirectly all citizens.

In the new year, the minimum wage will be determined by the joint agreement of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, employee and employer representatives.

Minister Vedat Bilgin will meet with TURK-IS President Ergun Atalay and TISK President Ozgur Burak Akkol tomorrow.

The work schedule for the raise is expected to be clarified at this meeting.

50% increase in the New Year, 30% increase in July

In January 2022, the highest increase in history was made to the minimum wage, which was applied as a gross ₺3,577 and a net ₺2 thousand 825 in 2021.

The minimum wage was determined as ₺5 thousand 4 in gross and ₺4 thousand 253 in net, with an increase of approximately 50%.

With the increase made in July, the minimum wage increased by 30% to a net ₺5,500.

The commission needs to meet

The minimum wage refers to the lowest wage for which a person can be employed. With the change in 2016, the minimum wage, which was determined in six-month intervals until 2015, was changed to a single figure that is valid for the whole year.

According to the law, the Minimum Wage Determination Commission, consisting of 5 representatives from the worker, employer and government, must be convened for the increase to be made in the minimum wage.

The increase decision taken by the Commission in accordance with the legislation comes into effect at the beginning of the month following the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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