The gamified education platform MentalUP reached 5 million new users in 15 different countries in 2022

MentalUP, the gamified education platform in which Turk Telekom is a partner, continues to offer its services to new markets. MentalUP, which is shown among the most successful education startups in Turkiye and the world, gained 5 million new users in 15 different markets in 2022, and added a new module to its product portfolio called ‘Event Center’, which includes current events and competitions for children.

Turk Telekom, the pioneer of Turkiye’s digital transformation, continues to be the choice of families, teachers and students with its digital education platforms. MentalUP, of which Turk Telekom is a partner with the corporate venture capital company TT Ventures, added new countries to which it serves and contributed to the learning of children while having fun in 2022.

MentalUP continues its services all over the world

Muhammed Ozhan, General Manager of TT Ventures; “The number of users of the gamified education platform MentalUP is increasing day by day around the world. In 2022, MentalUP started to serve 5 million new users in 15 different country markets, including the United States (USA), Australia, Canada and England. We are proud to support the initiative, which Turk Telekom supported with the PILOT program in 2016 and then partnered with TT Ventures, to make a difference in the field of education.”

MentalUP Co-Founder Emre Ozgunduz; “As MentalUP, we became one of the applications with the highest number of users in its age category in the domestic market in 2022. In order to expand our Turkiye-specific experience to global markets, we focused on growth efforts in different markets in 2022. Accordingly, we gained 5 million new users worldwide and reached a total of 15 million users. Our goal is to reach a total of 30 million users by the end of 2023, with the growth we will show in African and Central European country markets.”

‘Event Center’ module from MentalUP

MentalUP, Turkiye’s first gamified education platform that improves the mental skills of children aged 4-13, such as attention and memory, introduced a new module called ‘Event Center’, which includes more than 150 gamified brain exercises and more than 210 animation-based fitness exercises, to the service of users. Children had the opportunity to compete with each other while having a fun time by learning through the ‘Event Center’, where current and periodic events and competitions take place. More than 500,000 children have participated in the events within the ‘Event Center’ so far.

MentalUP, which is one of the 10 most downloaded applications in the 6-8 Years Child Category on the Apple App Store platform in the USA, with the ‘MentalUP Fitness For Kids’ project, it was among the top 10 projects in the ‘BiGG Sports Awards’ list initiated by TUBITAK and the Ministry of Youth and Sports to promote technologies in the field of sports.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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