The golden year of Cappadocia has changed: Over 4 million visitors in 2022

In 2022, 4 million 192 thousand 70 people visited the museums and ruins in the Cappadocia region, which is a tourism center on the Unesco World Cultural Heritage list.

In 2019, known as the golden year of Cappadocia, 3 million 834 thousand 134 people visited the Cappadocia region. After the data for 2022 were announced, the golden year of Cappadocia also changed.

Nevsehir Governor Inci Sezer Becel, who said that Cappadocia is becoming more and more popular both in our country and in the world, said, “We really live in the most fantastic and special region of the world. Its history goes back thousands and millions of years. The history of its geological formations goes back to 8 million years. Human existence. When you look at it from the point of view of life and life, it goes back to 5-6 thousand years before Christ. Therefore, we are sitting on a great cultural richness brought by a geography that has hosted many civilizations.” Governor Becel said, “I would like to express that our country is an extremely important destination, especially in terms of cultural tourism. It is perhaps one of the most important places where cultural tourism can be done after Istanbul in Turkey. It is also extremely valuable in terms of offering many options.”


Underlining that tourism is limited in time in many places, Governor Becel said, “We can call Cappadocia a timeless city. It offers people options in 12 months of the year. Balan tours that are identified with the region. Beyond that, you have the chance to host people here with many options such as fairy chimneys, valleys, underground cities, natural air depots.”


Nevsehir Governor Inci Sezer Becel said in her statement, “We have a capacity of 33 thousand beds and over 700 hotels, as well as 15 thousand rooms. It offers people a completely different holiday experience with different beauties in spring, different beauties in autumn, and different beauties in winter and summer.”


Saying that 2019 is an important year for Turkiye and the world, Governor Becel said, “The years 2020 and 2021 passed in the shadow of the pandemic. In 2020 and 2021, we could not approach the figures of 2019. This year, we had our golden year over 2019, which is considered to be the golden year for Turkey and Nevsehir in 2022. Our number of visitors, which was 3 million 800 thousand, reached 4 million 200 thousand visitors. We managed to host 15 times as many people as our population in our region. Eighty percent of it consists of foreigners.” According to the statement made by the Nevsehir Governor’s Office, the most visited ruins in the Cappadocia region in 2022 was the Goreme Open Air Museum with 1 million 63 thousand 517 visitors. Goreme Open Air Museum was followed by Zelve – Pasabaglari ruins with 995 thousand 891 people. 736 thousand 82 people visited the Hacibektas Veli Museum, which can be visited in the Cappadocia region, 533 thousand 47 people visited the Kaymakli Underground City, 345 thousand 337 people visited the Derinkuyu Underground City, 227 thousand 361 people visited the Ozkonak Underground City and 172 thousand 168 people visited the Dark Church.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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