The Grand National Assembly of Turkiye will carry out its work mainly on the economy

In the new legislative year, the Assembly will work most on economic proposals. The economic proposals are divided into three parts. The first proposal came to the agenda of the Assembly. In the other two proposals, there will be many articles that will reorganize the working life from EYT to contracted personnel.

the Grand National Assembly of Turkiye (TBMM) will work on economy until 2023.

The first package is on the parliamentary agenda.

Regulations will be made in many items, from loan debts of university students to executive files. The proposal will be discussed first at the planning and budget committee, and then at the General Assembly.

Economy will be the main topic of the other two bag proposals.

Premium calculations have been made for EYT, the draft work has come to an end

The issue of age-at-retirement (EYT) will be resolved.

Premium calculations were made carefully for employees who were employed before 1999.
The Ministry of Labor has created its own draft and will soon be submitted to Parliament. This regulation is planned to be passed by the Parliament at the end of the year.

Staffing for contracted employees

The regulation regarding the personnel working under contract in the public sector is also on the way…

It has come to an end regarding the recruitment of approximately 600 thousand personnel in the public sector. The technical work is largely complete.

Inspection of daily rented facilities

In this period, a study on the tourism sector is also being carried out.

Inspections will be brought to the facilities that are rented for the day. These facilities will be prevented from being leased to other persons. Penalties will be increased along with the regulation.

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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