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Ministry of Agriculture has developed a new project to recycle wastewater

According to the data of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, negative effects of climate change and water demand is increasing in line with Turkey’s economic growth rate.

By the Ministry, Turkey has carried out studies to determine the overall urban wastewater treatment plants in the region and the passing of the necessary additional water treatment process again returned to the farm in agriculture or industry, with potential use in accordance with environmental needs. In this context, Reusable Water Potential Report, Characterization Report and Preliminary Feasibility Reports were prepared for 25 basins with the “Assessment of Used Water Reuse Alternatives Project” prepared by the Ministry and completed at the end of last year. In addition, a re-use guide document was prepared and recovery implementation projects in the wastewater treatment plants of 3 pilot provinces were completed.

₺ 28.9 billion of investment is needed

As a result of the cost studies, it was determined that ₺ 28.9 billion should be invested in order to realize the determined reuse suggestions. The operating cost of the investments to be made is calculated as ₺ 1.3 billion per year. As a result of these investments, 5.7 billion cubic meters of water will be reused annually.

With the evaluation of all used water resources, 3.3 billion cubic meters of water in agricultural irrigation, 49 million cubic meters of water in landscape irrigation, 378 million cubic meters of water in industry, 2 billion cubic meters of water in environmental use, 57 million cubic meters of water in feeding groundwater resources and 34 million cubic meters of water It is aimed to be used as drinking water in indirect use.

It is planned to initiate a European Union (EU) project in 2021, as a continuation of the Project for the Evaluation of Reuse Alternatives of Used Water. In the project, the re-use master plan and implementation projects for 10 pilot provinces and tender documents will be prepared so that they can be implemented with EU funds.

The tender process of the “Screened Artificial Wetland Pilot Project for the Improvement of Water Returning from Irrigation”, in which the efficiency of curtained artificial wetlands will be examined in order to reuse the water returned from agriculture, is continuing.

Studies to reduce water losses

Water loss in drinking water networks, which is 37 percent across Turkey this year, will be reduced by 30 percent by 2023 in metropolitan and provincial municipalities, 25 percent by 2028, 35 percent by 2023 in other municipalities, 30 percent by 2028, and will be reduced to a maximum of 25 percent by 2033.

Training and capacity building activities for municipalities are continuing to reduce water losses in the networks.

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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