The national submarine STM500 was introduced at the international fair

The scale model of the STM500 submarine, which was designed with national resources and started its production activities, was introduced at the MSPO Fair in Poland.

Turkiye takes place as the “Leader Country” at MSPO 2022, the largest military fair in Central and Eastern Europe, hosted by Kielce, Poland. Turkish companies participate in the fair under the coordination of the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) and with the support of the Defense and Aviation Industry Exporters’ Association (SSI).

STM Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc. exhibited its products and capabilities, including military naval platforms and tactical mini UAV systems, and a scaled model of the STM500 submarine, designed with national resources, was also included.

In the field of marine projects, STM offers solutions to overseas customers, especially the Turkish Naval Forces, with both surface and submarine platforms like MİLGEM.

Submarine modernization studies

In this adventure that started with the modernization of the Ay class submarine, STM completed the system modernization of 2 submarines and delivered them to the Turkish Naval Forces. Working with potential companies in the Turkish defense industry, it ensures that Turkish systems take place on the platforms.

As a result of these studies, the possibilities and capabilities created as a result of submarine design, project management, logistics support and infrastructure development studies began to be offered to customers in the international arena. With the contract signed with the Pakistani Ministry of Defense in 2016, the tender for the modernization of the French designed Agosta class submarines was won by competing with the original designer company. The first of the Agosta 90B class submarines, of which many main systems were modernized in line with the contract, entered service approximately 1.5 years ago.

The second submarine, whose modernization works have come to an end, will begin its duty after the tests to be completed soon. STM also continues the modernization works of the third submarine of the project.

With the opportunities and capabilities developed thanks to these projects, an important role was assumed in the “Preveze class half-life modernization” of the Turkish Naval Forces. Apart from the systems provided, the integration of other systems procured from Turkiye is also carried out. Within the scope of the ongoing project, some systems of the first submarine were delivered.

The STM500 will also be able to perform “special forces operations”

All these activities created an important capability within STM in terms of submarine technologies. Taking into account the efforts of many countries in the international arena to establish a submarine fleet or to change their inventory, STM started design studies for the STM500 in order to enter the easier-to-supply, smaller-sized submarine market.

In order to demonstrate the point it has reached in this field, STM presented the STM500 to customers at MSPO 2022.

In addition to the advantages of small-sized submarines, the STM500 incorporates all the possibilities and capabilities of conventional submarines with the systems on it. Thus, the STM500, which can fire torpedoes as much as a large-sized submarine, will also be able to carry out “special forces operations”. STM500 is followed by many countries with these features.

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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