The new fintech startup born out of UNLU & Co: Piapiri

Turkiye’s leading investment services and asset management group UNLU & Co introduced its new fintech startup Piapiri. Piapiri, which offers the entire financial ecosystem to the users on mobile, offers stock, VIOP, warrant, mutual fund, currency/parity and crypto money data on a single screen with instant prices free of charge.

UNLU & Co, one of Turkiye’s leading investment services and asset management groups, announced its new digital initiative Piapiri.

Offering a digital ecosystem for investment with investment baskets, robotic trading signals and reports from industry experts, Piapiri turns into a private investment advisor with its customizable interface.

All details of Tefas funds can be accessed from Piapiri, which offers stock, VIOP, Warrant, Mutual Fund, Currency/Parity and Cryptocurrency data on a single screen with instant prices free of charge. In Piapiri, where UNLU & Co analysts made a BUY recommendation with careful studies and where Model Portfolio, which consisted of their favorite stocks at that time, is also located, it is enough to keep the notifications open to be instantly informed about the current developments.

There is no account opening fee or account maintenance fee to become a customer at Piapiri. Account opening can be completed with a video call or a courier model from the Become a customer step immediately.

45% of new individual customers come from digital channels

Speaking at the Piapiri press conference, UNLU & Co Chairman and CEO Mahmut L. Unlu stated that UNLU & Co is a financial institution that never loses its excitement and dynamism. Noting that this excitement and entrepreneurial spirit are what motivates them the most at the point reached today, Unlu said, “As UNLU & Co, we have started extensive work with the “Digital Transformation Project” that we have implemented in the last quarter of 2020, in order to spread digitalization throughout the organization. We aim to optimize our business processes by enriching our contact points with our customers through digitalization. As a result of the work we have implemented so far, we are gaining a significant portion of our newly acquired individual customers through digital channels. While 21% of the new individual customers acquired in 2021 were acquired through digital channels, this rate reached 45% in 2022. The share of digital in customer acquisition will continue to increase. We launched our new venture, Piapiri, within the framework of our strategy of digitalization and expansion. I congratulate all my teammates who contributed to the realization of this important project.”

“Fintech transactions are increasing day by day”

UNLU & Co Chairman and CEO Mahmut L. Unlu, who stated that in the first 9 months of 2021 in Turkiye, reached a size of $7 billion with 95 mergers and acquisitions, primarily the funding of Trendyol and Getir, said: In 9 months, a total of 107 transactions were announced. The total transaction value for 50 of these, whose value has been disclosed, is approximately $12 billion. Turkiye draws attention in this field with its competitive power, production knowledge, closeness to logistics and professionals who are experts in their fields. For this reason, we think that the interest in Turkiye will continue in the rest of the year. The Turkish market always offers opportunities, it is always important because it is close to consumer markets. Among all these M&A data, technology/fintech investments have an important place due to the rapid development in digitalization processes. Mergers and acquisitions in the Fintech field are increasing in weight day by day.

In addition to all these developments, we established the UNLU Portfolio R&D Venture Capital Fund in order for technology companies to fulfill their new legal obligations. The fund was implemented to meet the investment obligations of technology companies that benefit from R&D and design incentives and whose exemption earnings or discount amounts are ₺1 million or more. As UNLU & Co, we have been playing an active role in the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Turkiye since 2012. Our experienced team in alternative investments will primarily focus on early-stage Fintech, B2B SaaS technologies, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things.”

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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